Label folder icons in Windows 11, 10, or other – Instruction

Labeling folder icons will help to search the information on your PC more quicker. You can be lost in dozens of the same-looking yellow folders all around your desktop… Instead, you can label an important folder with color and find it by at-a-glance affair. Folder labeling in Windows can be done by the Properties window of a folder or with help of third-party utilities. 

This article will show you how to label folder icons in Properties Window, without installing anything, and with the help of the Folder Marker utility. 

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How to change the Default folder Icon on Windows 10

Do you get tired of the same-looking desktop with yellow default folder? Or do you find it difficult to search for needed documents? There are various ways to customize your computer on Windows 10. You can use different themes and wallpapers to add more style to your PC. Or make some naming structure of the files to organize the search. 

However, many people overlook that they can change default folder icons – which will help with desktop personalization and organizing simultaneously. Read an article and see how to change the default folder icon on Windows 10 in different ways, plus how to change its size.

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How to make Windows 10 folders landscape-oriented

With the release of Windows 11, icons have a new re-drawn style, which is landscape-oriented. But what if you don’t want to update Windows 10 to 11… How to make Windows 10 folders landscape-oriented?  

This method cannot be achieved in the standard Windows settings but can be done using the Folder Marker utility. Folder Marker is software that helps you label your folders with one mouse-click and make them landscape-oriented, even in Windows 10.

So, install Folder Marker if you still do not, and then follow the instructions. If you already have a Folder Marker – go to the instructions.

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How to Restore default icon for a Folder in Windows 10

Did you put the theme on your desktop and want to return the icons to the standard look? Or used some incomprehensible icon changer programs and forgot how to restore it? Or corny If you already changed any folder icon, and then changed your mind and want to restore the default icon.

It can be done in different methods: in Properties, in desktop.ini, or with the help of utilities. In this post, we will show you how to restore the default icon for personal folders after changing in Windows 10 in various ways.

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Create Folders of Different Colors in Windows

Hundreds of the same yellow folders on the computer annoy you? Perhaps yes, it is hard to navigate through because of similarities. You can change the size or form, not the color… But humans are visual creatures. 65% of us process information based on what we see and colors help us to identify things according to the Social Science Research Network.   

Changing the color of a folder may not be possible on Windows, but can be done with Folder Marker, a software that will help to create folders of different colors. So, how to create folders of different colors in windows? 

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change or restore default icon

How to change or restore default icon for a Folder in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with it’s own set of icons. You can change the default icon as you like in different ways, or restore the default folder icon in Windows 10. In this post, we will show you how to change or restore default icon for personal folders in Windows 10 in various ways.

You can change or restore the default icon for a folder in Windows 10 using any of the following methods:

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