How to Change Icon Size in Windows 10

Sometimes the icons on the desktop are small and invisible. You have to strain to see them. How to change their size and save the image clarity? I will show you how to change icon size on the desktop and recommend which icons should be downloaded to preserve image quality.

How to change icon size on the desktop in Windows 10

If an icon is too small that you can barely identify it on your desktop or too big for you – changing the size of it can be a solution. 

  1. Right-click on your desktop
  2. Choose View
  3. Select the desired size of your icons – large, medium, and small icons.
View -> Medium icons
View -> Medium icons

How different icon sizes will look on your desktop:

change icon size
Medium icons
change icon size
Small icons
change icon size
Large icons

Where to find additional icons that look good in all sizes:

Are windows icons not enough for you? You downloaded some from the Internet, but when you change to a large format – are they too blurred? 

You can look at built-in icons in Folder Marker or additional icons ( that can be used with or without the utility) and look good in all sizes. 

Icons are in 4 sizes: 256×256, 48×48, 32×32, 16×16. The caring hands of our professional designers make them look accurate when you zoom in or out on them. Each size was drawn separately to make them look clear and not blurry at any size.

Folder Marker Icons in different sizes
Folder Marker Icons in different sizes


Now you know how to change the size of icons on the desktop. And also where to get icons that won’t blur when zoomed in. Experiment with a variety of icons and choose a comfortable size for you!

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