Version 4.6 of Folder Marker released. What’s New

Version 4.6 of Folder Marker is ready, and it supports Windows 11! Also, check re-drawn icon style, +13 added icons, increased speed, and more…  


  • Windows 11 support has been added. As we said before – “We are going to prepare folders in Windows11 style after Windows 11 is officially released”. So, here it is – all the built-in icons were re-drawn to match Windows 11 icon style. Check them out:
The icon style before -> re-drawn Windows 11 icon style
The icon style before -> re-drawn Windows 11 icon style
  • The “Additional” icon set was updated. We have re-drawn the App logos to the modern view and added 13 more icons. So now, the Additional icon set contains 75 icons for those Pro users who switched to Windows 11.
Re-drawn Windows 11 icon style and updated logos
Re-drawn Windows 11 icon style and updated logos

13 new icons in the Additional icon set
13 new icons in the Additional icon set
  • Optimized work with ICL files. Now Folder Marker applies icons from ICL files much much faster: speed increase might be up to 30x for ICL files with 500+ icons inside! This is especially important for the two sets that we are going to release very soon…Stay tuned!
The same icon from the Two-Color icon set applied 3 seconds in v 4.6 vs 19 seconds in 4.5. The difference is even bigger for an icon set with 500+ icons inside.
The same icon from the Two-Color icon set applied 3 seconds in v 4.6 vs 19 seconds in 4.5. The difference is even bigger for an icon set with 500+ icons inside..
  • Updated translations: Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, Filipino, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Ukrainian. 
  • Registration key checking algorithm updated. Now Folder Marker will fix some typical typos, which can be annoying, during entering the registration key.

More fixes:

  • Bug fixed: “Can’t change the folder icon. You don’t have rights to write to this folder.” error if you assigned an icon to a network folder without the “Make Folders Distributable by Default” option turned on
  • Bug fixed: IconResource parameter was ignored in desktop.ini during icon customization
  • Bug fixed: Double-click on a custom tab that didn’t allow you to rename it if you had not 100% size settings in your system
  • Bug fixed: No right-click “Mark Folder” menu on clean OS after installation
  • Bug fixed: Absolute path to the icon file in desktop.ini if  “Make customized folder distributable” option is turned on
  • Bug fixed: The file name was used as a Tag instead of an icon name when the icon was assigned from the ICL file
  • Bug fixed: Access violation error in Pro version 4.5.1.

Download the latest 4.6 update


  • Adapted for Windows 11, the Folder Market will satisfy the wishes of those who have already switched to the new version and were waiting for a program update. Re-drawn icons will delight regular users with fresh styles that match Windows 11 design. These are Landscape folders that many have asked for in the reviews.
  • For Pro users that switched to Windows 11 – new 13 Additional icons
  • Increased speed of the program which make dealing with folders more convenient: save time, nerve system and speeds up the organization of the workplace
  • This update is free for those who bought the Folder Marker license on 02 November 2020, or later.
  • Even if the trial time in previous versions has already passed – all users have a standard 30-day trial in the new version.


  • The Folder Marker allows you color-code or image-code folders just in 2 clicks. It makes your computer stuff more organized:
color-code or image-code folders just in 2 clicks


  • I purchased folder marker and one other product but every time I update I end up with a notice that my free trial has 30 day left etc. I filed a concern about this back in October and after 2 weeks I finally got an email from 2 checkout support telling me they were working on it. I never got any response from you. I purchase two products and only ended up with a trial package. Please either fix or refund my money. Like the product, hate the servive.

    • Hello, Jess. Sounds like you are entering your key to the wrong edition of Folder Marker. I.e. if you purchased Pro edition, you need to install Pro one. And the key will not work with the Home edition. And vice-versa.
      But to be 100% sure, please write to support service, and we will do the best to help in your case.

  • Will 4.6 work with windows 10? Also, will it support fonts and font colors for the folder name text?

  • I do not need your updates, I like the product the way it is for the past years…However, each time I update hoping this is a free update, I lose the original application…Is this done on purpose? Now it says “The period of the free updates for your license has expired 6/3/2021…” What is the version I am using? Let me go back to my original purchase and indicate whether each update is free of charge or billable…Thank you

    • Bertrand, buying a Folder Marker license, you get a lifetime license for THE CURRENT version of the Folder Marker, plus 1 year of free upgrades. The date when free updates are available for your license can be seen in Help->About window of Folder Marker. So you can check it before the update. Plus, each time we announce the update, we write the date of the purchases that can get the update for free.

    • Jorge, I see your order, and I see the tickets you’ve created (
      All 3 of them are answered by our support staff, read by you, and have no other replies from you. This is why the tickets were closed (no reply = the problem is solved).

      I’ve re-sent you your registration data one more time to the email address you’veу provided during purchase (j******s@** Please check your email.

  • I have had issues with this program since day one, MANY years ago. I have complained and no one listens…ever! It has never worked as promised and always tells me it has expired. Like someone said, love the product, but DESPISE the crappy service!

    • Jeff, we are having 2 tickets in our ticket system associated with your email. The first one is from 2014. You state there “Thanks – it worked”. The last one is from 2018 year, where we give you the right registration code. Our answer is read by you, no additional questions asked. We decided the key worked for you and the problem is solved. Don’t understand why do you call this “crappy service”. If you have any problems, please create a support ticket here:

  • I have FM Pro and don’t understand the difference between FM Pro and FM for Desktop Pc or laptop. I am using Win 10 on a desktop PC.
    Also, you really need to double, actually triple, your Genealogy icons!!!

    • >>the difference between FM Pro and FM for Desktop Pc or laptop.
      FM Pro can be used on one computer by one user = 1 seat license
      Desktop Pc + laptop can be used by one user on 2 computers, one of which is Laptop.

      >>Also, you really need to double, actually triple, your Genealogy icons!!!
      What do you mean? Please explain

  • will the 2-colors; years; and numbers folders become available as landscaped folders?

  • Ενδιαφέρομαι για την προσφορά σας.
    Χρήστος Βαρλάμης

    • Happy that you like Folder Marker. That means we are doing well)
      (Χαίρομαι που σας αρέσει το Folder Marker. Αυτό σημαίνει ότι πάμε καλά) – μεταφράστηκε χάρη στον μεταφραστή, μπορεί να υπάρχουν σφάλματα)

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