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What image formats does Folder Marker 4.7 allow to use as folder icons? Full list.

Version 4.7 of Folder Marker Pro has been released, and it supports 90 image formats. You can use not only JPG/PNG images but almost all popular image formats to customize your folder icons. 

So, if you have a question: does it support *.dicom or *.nef? We have an answer for you – a complete list of image formats compatible with the update. Check it below!

Are you looking for an answer: does it support *.dicom or *.nef? 
image formats
Are you looking for an answer: does it support *.dicom or *.nef?

Folder Marker now understands 90 graphical file extensions:

Camera RAW Formats

Folder Marker supports the variety of camera formats: Nikon (*.nef), Canon (*.crw, *.cr2, *.cr3), Sony (*.srf, *.sr2), Sigma (*.x3f), Kodak (*.dcr, *.bay ), Pentax (*.pef) and so on. So, you can easily use images from your camera as icons for folders without converting them to other formats.

Extensions:  *.crw, *.cr2, *.cr3, *.dng, *.nef, *.raw, *.raf, *.x3f, *.orf, *.srf, *.mrw, *.dcr, *.bay, *.pef, *.sr2, *.arw, *.kdc, *.mef, *.3fr, *.k25, *.erf, *.cam, *.cs1, *.dc2, *.dcs, *.fff, *.mdc, *.mos, *.nrw, *.ptx, *.pxn, *.rdc, *.rw2, *.rwl, *.iiq, *.srw

Dicom Format

It is a standard accepted format for the medical community: to view, store, retrieve and share medical images.

Extensions:  *.dcm, *.dic, *.dicom, *.v2

GIF Format

Gif is a popular web format that often is animated. Each file can contain 256 indexed colors and support up to 8 bits per pixel.

Extensions:  *.gif

WIC Formats (if you have Extensions installed)

WIC provides access to fast Windows methods for saving images. Also, to support some WIC formats (such as HEIF, AVIF, and WebP), you will need to install a codec from the Microsoft Store.

Extensions: *.dds,*.wdp, *.jxr, *.hdp, *.heic, *.heif, *.heics, *.avcs, *.heifs, *.avif, *.avifs, *.webp

Including iPhone HEIC/HEIF files 

HEIC is the file format name Apple has chosen for the iPhone Standard. These are photos you take on the iOS camera on your smartphone.

To have the ability to use HEIC/HEIF files as folder icons in Folder Marker on Windows 10 and 11, you need to:

1. Get the HEIF “Image Extensions” in Microsoft Store (Free)

2. Get the “HEVC Video Extensions” from “Device Manufacturer”  in Microsoft Store (Free)

Please note that there are 2 versions of “HEVC Video Extensions”. One is free, another you have to pay – $1. Get the free one from here.

JPEG Format

Folder Marker supports one of the most widely used image formats – JPEG. It is used by digital cameras and other photographic image capture devices.

Extensions: *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.jpe, *.jif, *.jfif

JPEG 2000 Format

JPEG 2000 was created as a modern replacement for the JPEG format. It supports many compression types and color formats.

Extensions:  *.j2k, *.jpc, *.j2c, *.jp2

PCX/DCX Format

PCX uses color pixels to display images. When DCX is a multi-page variant of PCX.

Extensions:  *.pcx, *.dcx

PNG Format

Folder Marker is compatible with PNG format, one of the best formats to use when saving images for editing. Plus, there are a lot of free pictures on the Internet in png format.

Extensions:  *.png

Postscript Files

Folder Marker can use Adobe PostScript formats (*.ps, *.eps), which are electronic publishing formats.

Extensions:  .ps, .eps

TIFF Format

One of the favorite formats among photographers, TIFF stores high-quality images and has many sub-formats. It can be used with monochrome documents, such as Fax images.

Extensions:  .tif, .tiff, .fax, .g3f, *.g3n

Windows Bitmap

BMP is a native Windows image format, so Folder Marker supports it too. It is used to store images on Microsoft Windows and OS/2 operating systems.

Extensions:  *.bmp, *.dib, *.rle

Windows Cursor

Format to store mouse pointers of different sizes and resolutions.

Extensions:  *.cur

Windows Icon

Format to store Windows icon files of different sizes and resolutions.

Extensions:  *.ico


A metafile is a file that contains specifications for another file. Commonly associated with digital graphics, particularly vector images. Often used for clip art.

Extensions:  *.emf, *.wmf

Other Native Image Formats

Native format is defined by the application that created that electronic document. For example, Folder Marker can deal with Targa (*.tga), Wireless BMP (*.wbmp), and Virtual Studio Technology (*.vst).

Extensions:  *.pxm, *.pbm, *.pgm, *.ppm, *.tga, *.targa, *.vda, *.icb, *.vst, *.win, *.wbmp

As you can see, you can now use almost all well-known graphical file types as folder icons.

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