Folder Marker vs FileMarker.NET: what are the differences, features comparison, and what tool to choose?

Folder Marker vs FileMarker.NET: features comparison

Folder Marker vs FileMarker.NET are programs with similar goals but different implementations. Sometimes people confuse them. One is designed to deal with folders, and the other – is with files. To avoid confusion, since the programs are similar, both in purpose and in name, let’s look at their features in more detail and get answers to the following questions:

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What`s new in version 4.7 of Folder Marker?

What’s new in version 4.7 of Folder Marker

Version 4.7 of Folder Marker is ready for your download! Check the ability to customize the folder tag names, faster icon search with color filters, adjustable view size of the icons, the increasing number of supported image formats, much easier work with the command line, and much more.

This update is free for those who bought Folder Marker on October 12th, 2021 or later. Please click Help->About in your Folder Marker to check if you can update for free to the latest version or if you need to pay an update fee.

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