Color-Code folders on Windows like on Mac

If you’ve been working with Mac and then changed to Windows, you might have run into a problem – no color labels. On a Mac, it is convenient to tag folders with colors – this is a built-in function, on Windows, there is no such. But there is a solution – it can be done with Folder Marker, a software that will help to make folders of different colors. Read this article and see how to color-code folders on Windows like on Mac!    

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Changing the Color of the File Name in Windows

How to change the color of the file name in Windows? – a common question from Windows users. Despite a lot of properties and design convenience, one thing in Windows is missing – a feature that may give you control over the color of file names. 

So, I can’t do this? It is possible to change the color of the actual file name, but it is a limited process. Read an article, and we will show you one method on how to change the color of the file name + alternatives how you can differentiate files by their icon colors. 

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