FAQ about Upgrading to Version 4.5

The 4.5 version of Folder Marker was released! It became possible to work with PNG/JPG files as folder icons, the appearance of the program itself changed, bugs were fixed, and more. After the release, we received some questions from our users about version 4.5, so we decided to consolidate them all in a FAQ article.  

Hope it will be helpful for you. In this article, we will analyze who has to pay for the upgrade and who hasn’t, how to update/install the 4.5 version correctly, and show a video about how to use PNG or JPG files for folder labeling.

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Version 4.5 of Folder Marker released

The new version 4.5 of Folder Marker is ready for your download! Ability to use JPG/PNG as folder icons, increasing the speed of working with folders, updated appearance, and fixed bugs. Plus, special offer at the end of the article…

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